Verus delivers better, faster, cheaper field data that lets you survey from the desktop. Ideal for anything from updating as-builts to asset management.


About Verus Geomatics

Verus Geomatics is a Canadian leader in surveying and inspection using LIDAR and imaging  with the latest technology in high definition mobile mapping.  Digital surveying challenges traditional survey models through the use of highly accurate scanning and flexible data delivery. Verus is the only mobile terrestrial lidar solution operating across Canada.

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Mobile Lidar Technology


Verus data capture advantages

Verus collects the data and it can be quickly shared with you. Data can be extracted immediately or on demand to any GIS or CADD application when needed

Verus collects millions of points and panoramic photos every four metres at posted road travels speeds. The photos are integrated with lidar point cloud, which lets you measure accurately from photo views

Data collection is done with the operator inside the truck, but you survey from any desktop.  Straight to digital and in 3D.

The vehicle-based angle of capture is ideal for many applications

The survey operation is safer, faster and no traffic control is needed. Increased safety & less obstructive to operations

The capture process is consistent and the data gathered is comprehensive

The advent of high accuracy LIDAR laser components combined with high accuracy GPS, advanced interial measurement systems and wheel encoding is redefining the surveying landscape.